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    Dead Space key binding


    Does somebody know a free keyboard binding software or a way so I can swap the WASD to arrows key
    in Dead Space. I found one form Aquarius Soft (don't know if it work, didn't test it) but it not free.

    I google it, but only found info that it can be done, but not how...


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    Re: Dead Space key binding

    Check out AutoHotKey: www.autohotkey.com
    It's a free scripting engine that lets you write scripts to do a TON of stuff - including remapping keys and mouse.

    I'm working on a remapper myself, and I'll most likely write a GUI for it. I'll also do all the keys available in the game, and just set all the controls to default so I can control the settings outside the game. For now, here's an example of remapping those nasty awsd keys:

    ; Forward
    Up : w
    ; Back
    Down : s
    ; Strafe Left
    Left : a
    ; Strafe Right
    Right : d
    ; Run
    RShift : RShift
    ; Aim Mode
    RButton : RButton

    Saving that as a .ahk file and running it when you have AutoHotKey installed will remap the keys, and you should be able to play normally. You can also remap a single key toa key combo. Example: the Kinesis module is Right Mouse + F, so you could do:

    f : RButton#f

    so pressing f now acts as the combination of the key and mouse.

    JUST REMEMBER: once you've run the script, make sure you have another script to remap your keys to what they were before!

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    Sep 2001

    Re: Dead Space key binding

    Thank alot.... I was going to adapt but still piss me off. (have to finish Fallout 3 first)

    I appreciate very, very much.

    I don't really understand the revert script thing, if I just close the running script it won't revert back ?
    What the revert script should be only for the AWSD?

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