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    Re: 3DMark 2000

    Quote Originally posted by Bungle View Post
    I can't get 3DMark2000 to install. I get this error:

    I'm running Windows XP SP2.
    Set the Compatibility to Win 98

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    Re: 3DMark 2000

    Quote Originally posted by MrNatural View Post
    Set the Compatibility to Win 98
    I get the same error.

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    Re: 3DMark 2000

    Quote Originally posted by Bungle View Post
    I get the same error.
    Bringing back and old thread, I just tried installing 3dmark 2000 and getting the dreaded -113 error. I've set it to compatibility mode, emptied temp files, tried re-installing and no go.

    Anyone have any idea why its doing this?

    Tried a new download of the program same error. Was able to install both 3dmark 2001, and XL-R8R (Yes, I still have a copy of this in my installation directory! :) )

    I also game the same -113 error when trying to install 3dmark 99' Max. Yes, I love the demo for this one more than any other.
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    tread dig

    Does anyone know how to disable vsync for modern ATI/AMD GPUs in Windows 7 for 3DMark99 Max? The problem is that even with vsync disabled everywhere, 3DMark99 Max still runs locked to the refresh rate of the monitor.

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