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    TimeSpy: D3D12 debug layer errors

    I have tried to turn on debug layer in DirectX control panel and I saw many of the following two kinds of errors when running Time Spy. Although these do not seem to affect actual rendering I think they are meant to be fixed:

    D3D12 ERROR: ID3D12CommandList::DrawIndexedInstanced: Root Parameter Index [9] is not set. On a Resource Binding Tier 2 hardware, all descriptor tables of type CBV and UAV declared in the currently set Root Signature (0x0000000004D0CF30:'Unnamed ID3D12RootSignature Object') must be populated, even if the shaders do not need the descriptor. [ EXECUTION ERROR #991: COMMAND_LIST_DESCRIPTOR_TABLE_NOT_SET]

    D3D12 ERROR: ID3D12CommandQueue::ExecuteCommandLists: Using ResourceBarrier on Command List (0x0000000063194790:'build_illumination_commands') : Before state (0x10: D3D12_RESOURCE_STATE_DEPTH_WRITE) of resource (0x000000003A26E870:'shadow_map_array') (subresource: 0) specified by transition barrier does not match with the state (0xC0: D3D12_RESOURCE_STATE_NON_PIXEL_SHADER_RESOURCE|D3D 12_RESOURCE_STATE_PIXEL_SHADER_RESOURCE) specified in the previous call to ResourceBarrier [ RESOURCE_MANIPULATION ERROR #527: RESOURCE_BARRIER_BEFORE_AFTER_MISMATCH]

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    Futuremark Staff
    Jun 2000
    Forwarded this to the dev team. As I understand it, the debug layer was updated after Time Spy release, so these notifications from it were not there when Time Spy was released. Will inquire for more detail.

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