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    Final fix for CPU 2 Crash n Burn failing to load

    Apparently this is a bigger problem than I thought, and It's quite common. What would happen to most testers is they would pass the first CPU test then it would just hang at the loading screen and just stay there forever
    Well I think I may have found a permanent fix to get it working, if you follow these steps

    1: Check in your programs and features that you have Physics installed (As we will see this is part of the problem as there is a conflict with Vantage's Physic's), but DO NOT touch it, leave it installed
    2: Completely uninstall 3DMark Vantage, then reboot your system, make sure all files are gone and uninstalled
    3: Install 3DMark Vantage again but this time DO NOT and I mean DO NOT do an express install, use custom install and DE-SELECT the physics install, DO NOT let Vantage install it's physics engine
    4: Once installed, load up the game and it should all now be working properly

    I think for some reason if you already have physics installed, i.e from installing your Nvidia graphics drivers and then you try to install Vantage, it installs it's own physics software over the top and breaks the game

    If you had a clean system with NO physics software installed anywhere, and then you installed Vantage and let it install it's own generic physics software, it would work fine....The problem originates if you ALREADY have physics installed in your system and Vantage does not like that

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    Futuremark Staff
    Jun 2000
    You should be able to fix this also by just installing the latest PhysX system software manually afterwards. The installer one is indeed quite old.

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