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    jarnis + nvidia users who losing focus - possible fix for everyone - works 4 me

    long time user (my build can even see all of the sword in 2nd reality now haha... FC/madonion/futuremark FTW) first time poster:

    a bit of my post from nvidia forum:

    users experiencing issues with futuremark products not running properly on the last 10 or so driver releases with 3dvision/3dtvplay installed/activated or just in general..

    ....to avoid the app losing focus and faulting you must override your EDID (even if the override has the same data as the realtime info) and you must also have an application open on the desktop such as notepad.exe, have that as the 'active window', launch the futuremark program and then the program will run through...

    ...if the futuremark program at any time during its run minimises, and your DWM desktop becomes the active window... the workload app will fault and you will be a sad panda.

    ...you can of course, simply turn aero off in windoze (must be global - the 3dmark11.exe does not behave with the properties dialogue to disable desktop composition) but who wants to mess about doing that every time a user wants to bench some hardware?

    i welcome your thoughts... (maybe the override's not necessary - but having something as the active window before a run seems to be - i hope this can help others - it works 100% for me)

    (also - tracking protection on ie9 - the captcha to register here doesn't show and carriage returns don't work in posts (at least for me) - 100% apols on name in thread title - i edit my post)
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