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    Israel, vomit inducing chlorine like stench being reported

    Hope this is nothing more than a foul up, could just be another accident of massive proportions - let us onions know you're alright if you reside in Israel.


    Authorities were still searching for the cause of amysterious chemical odor that enveloped central Israel on Thursday, discounting reports that it originated in chemical ground disinfection operations in the south of the Sharon region.

    Earlier in the day, residents of Tel Aviv, Gush Dan and central Israel complained of a harsh chemical substance that could be felt in the air.

    Many people described the smell as similar to the smell of chlorine. Initially, the Home Front Command believed the source of the smell could be gas drilling near Nitzanim in southern Israel. However, the claims were proven wrong. No special instructions were given to the residents, as the Ministry of the Environment stated that no dangerous substances were detected.

    At some point, a Channel 2 report claimed the odor's source was a ground disinfection operations in Hakfar Hayarok youth village, a process in which poisonous gas is inserted into the ground.

    However the Environmental Protection Ministry have since denied the report.
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    Re: Israel, vomit inducing chlorine like stench being reported

    I do know Israel sometimes gets a yellow haze due to dust storms that occur at certain times of the year. Hopefully it's just that.


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