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    Help Reading Error Message

    I did a benchmark test this AM and got an error code. I'm new to this, and need some help deciphering what it says.

    I have been getting green squares and funny lines on the screen when I try to play MW3. It just started a few days ago, and forces me to shut down the computer; sometimes it takes a dozen restarts to get the lines/squares to go away.

    I'm running two 4870x2 in cross fire w/a i7 quad core processor. Windows 7 x64; Directx11; ATI driver version 12.4. Any info will help and be appreciated.

    Workload Single init returned error message: File: device_resources.cpp
    Line: 213
    Function: class eva::com_ptr<struct ID3D11VertexShader> __cdecl eva::d3d11::device_resources::create_vertex_shader (const void *,unsigned __int64,struct ID3D11ClassLinkage *) const

    Expression: m_device.native()->CreateVertexShader( shader_bytecode, bytes, linkage, result.receive()): DX11 call failed.

    An invalid parameter was passed to the returning function
    E_INVALIDARG: ID3D11Device::CreateVertexShader:
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    Veteran Firefly
    Jan 2002

    Re: Help Reading Error Message

    Sounds like your graphics cards are overheating, this will produce flickering textures and artefacts on the screen. If they become totally unstable the app will crash. Try and get more airflow to them and make sure theres a decent gap between them.

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    Futuremark Staff
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    Re: Help Reading Error Message

    This is just generic crash caused by unstable hardware. Nothing more.

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