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      • Asrock Z77 OC Formula
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      • I5 3570@4.2
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      • OCZ 850 zx Gold
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    Anyone using this setup?

    I use a 5970 and a 250gts for physx. (yea I know not many games use it) The 5970 has the fan on the end and even with the 250 right below gets all the air it can because the 5970 is so much longer than the 250.

    Now with the 7990 the fan is supposed to be in the middle of the card and thus most of the air with be blocked.

    Question is does anyone that uses hybrid physx have the nvidia card in the top pcie slot with no monitors attached and the amd/ati card in second slot? I only have 3/8 inch space between cards on my p6x58d premium mobo.

    There is no spot in my bios where I can say which pcie slot is the primary.

    Also I drive different size and res monitors in eyefinity that is why I cant go nvidia. I have had virtually none of the driver issues that most people have had here with my 5970. Been very happy with it for over 2 yrs now.

    Thanks for the replies! [thumbsup]
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    Re: Anyone using this setup?

    Most current motherboards can run the monitor(s) from a secondary video slot (pci-e2 or pci-e3) without issue.

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