On Monday March 26, Futuremark Games Studio was acquired by Rovio (Angry Birds). Futuremark will now solely focus on making benchmarking software and services, and so this week we will be reorganising the forums to better reflect our business and community. The forums will be reordered as follows:

Futuremark Products & Services
PC Hardware & Software
Futuremark Games Studio
Blah Blah

Don't forget, in the new forum design you can also expand and collapse each section to suit your posting preferences. Hide sections you are not interested in and leave the others open.


In addition:

Site Happenings will be combined with Discussion Board Announcements and moved to a new section under Futuremark Products & Services.

Futuremark Competitions will be moved under Futuremark Products & Services..

Shattered Horizon (Zero-G Spot) will be moved under Futuremark Games Studio.
Shattered Horizon (Clan Corner) will be merged into Multiplayer & Game Server Happenings.

Shattered Horizon (Introduce Yourself) will be archived.

Other suggestions for improving our forums are always welcome.