Welcome to the latest developer diary for Unstoppable Gorg, our revolutionary tower defense game.

It's hard to believe we are now at the tenth instalment in this series. Time is going by so quickly, which only partially excuses the long gap between these posts. Sorry that is has been a while since we last updated you on our progress.

The team has been working at a fevered pace over the last three weeks with great leaps in progress being made everyday. We had originally planned for a December launch for Unstoppable Gorg, however, this week we decided to push the release into 2012. There is no point in rushing the game out for the holiday sales if it means cutting corners on quality. And crunching up to Christmas would be no way to end a project that has been so much fun to work on so far.

We are not quite ready to announce a new launch date just yet as some parts of the release, such as Steam and App Store approval, are out of our hands. The good news is that as we are using the excellent Unity engine, we do not have any engine-level technical or compatibility issues to deal with. All of our time is being spent polishing the game's presentation, tuning the balance and making every part as good as can be.

In the few weeks left before Christmas, our focus will be on polishing the visual effects, refining the menus and UI and tuning and balancing the levels to ensure a decent rising difficulty curve. During that time we will be creating and sharing some trailers too, but for now here are three new screenshots from our latest internal build.

Thumb resize.

The aim of the game is to defend the space station in the middle from the Gorg. In this level, the station has three circular orbits shown in light grey, and each orbit has a number of slots where you can place satellites. A Gorg mothership releases waves of attacking aliens. The aliens follow glowing paths which help you plan your defenses. You can rotate each of the orbits at any time to reposition your satellites.

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As you progress through the story you face new types of alien and unlock new satellite weapons. There are three different alien species in Unstoppable Gorg and in this level all three are attacking Earth. Each satellites has strengths and weaknesses against each of the alien species so the challenge comes from picking the right satellites, placing them in the best slots and then rotating the orbits to position the satellites where they will be most effective.

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This level from later in the game is set in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Here you not only have to protect your ship against the aliens, but also be on the look out for wandering asteroids.

Look out for our first gameplay trailer next week.

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