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    3DMark 11 Physics test problem!(low score)


    I've just installed 3Dmark 11, and I ran a default bench, everything was fine, but.........after I submitted my score, I searched for scores that are made on similar systems.......

    The problem is:

    My Physics score is too low. I got ~5300 points with an i7 860@4300MHz. A similar system with an i7 860/870 @~4200MHz, gets a score araund 9000.
    During the test my threads(8) are not fully loaded.

    What is the problem?

    Thanks for help.(sorry for my bad english)

    i7860+P55A-UD4+4gb Kingmax+asus 5870+gt240+Corsair HX850
    Catalyst 10.11+ati stream, Win7 x64 Ultimate


    If HT is enabled I get ~16,5fps in Physics test, but if i disable HT i get araund 19 fps..........How is it possible? I shold get 25+fps with HT on!
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