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    Sep 2008

    Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    Can you believe that this Thursday November 4 it will have been a year since we launched Shattered Horizon? We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last 12 months and especially those who got on at the start.

    To celebrate the anniversary we are holding another free weekend. Together with our friends at Fatshark this weekend will see the Frontiers Free Weekend on Steam.

    Shattered Horizon and Lead and Gold: Gangs on the Wild West will both be free to play and half-price to buy on Steam all weekend. We will also be launching the Frontiers Pack, a bundle containing both games at a reduced price. During the free weekend you can pick up the Frontiers Pack for just $12.49 / 12.49 - a saving of more than 60% over the cost of the two games when bought separately.

    Frontiers Free Weekend on Steam
    Starts 23:00 GMT Thursday November 4
    Ends 21:00 GMT Sunday November 7
    Players can start pre-loading the games from Wednesday evening.

    Weekend Sale on Steam
    Shattered Horizon: $9.99 (SRP $19.99)
    Lead and Gold: $7.49 (SRP $14.99)
    Frontiers Pack, includes both games: $12.49 (SRP $24.99)

    Press release here:
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    Oct 2009

    Re: Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    Great news, I love both games, been with SH since the beggining and with L&D almost since the start, even while I dont see a connection, I would absolutely buy the pack, the pize is a joke and the games are epic.

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    Re: Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    Lead & Gold is definetely most fun western games i have played:D
    Could we pick up gaming elements into SH also from that game?

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    Re: Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    Forget my last suggestion, if we have these performance problems, free weekend maybe full of SH bashers:(

    Also, could using newest drivers work better with SH?

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    Jan 2010
    The Citdel: High Earth Orbit

    Re: Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    woot. Too bad I think I already know the outcome of this...

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    Nov 2007

    Re: Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    Good news, and about time.

    However shame I wont be able to play on the Free weekend, wont' have good enough GPU back in time, so not good news for me.

    Will there be improvements in performance before the free weekend? As performance has got worse since new patch for allot, this will again scare people of after playing. I think performance and game modes need to be the first priority right now, hopefully they are being worked on.
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    Aug 2009

    Re: Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    This sounds great, I look forward to a busy weekend :)

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    Re: Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    free weekend [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

    i can't believe its been year already, btw when did beta start and how long did it take ?
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    Jul 2010
    Bielefeld, Germany

    Re: Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    Wow, I must say both are companies that I feel have not supported their games very well so far. As I said in the steam announcement: I think a free weekend is nice but to keep the player count up, support your games with new content, patches, and information to the player base.

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    Re: Frontiers Free Weekend 4-7 November

    awesome! i was waiting for a nice deal for lead and gold since i played the free weekend. its as much awesome as sh is.
    both games are underrated and dont have many players but nevertheless ill give my money to everyone that deserves.


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