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    PCMark 05 1901 - Make Public wan't work


    I'm used PCMark 2005 with latest update (1901 from Feb 2010) to submit this result:
    Clicking on "Make Public" just refreshes the page, but result is still not published.
    Can you please check - what is wrong with this submission? Is this because ORB cannot detect CPU (Xeon X5667 4 cores)?

    CPU: Intel Xeon X5667 (4cores)
    Motherboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme
    VGA: Radeon 5870, Catalyst 9.12
    HDD System:
    - WD 800BB as system driver
    - 4xGigabyte I-RAM + Acard 9010 RAID0 at ICH10R as drive for PCMark.
    Windows Vista x86 SP2
    PCMark 2005 build 1.2.0 with 1901 patch.

    You can see photo of my system here:

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    Re: PCMark 05 1901 - Make Public wan't work

    I'm changed CPU to Core i7 980x A0 (ES) and re-run PCMark on the same system. In this case I can publish the result:

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    Apr 2007
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    Re: PCMark 05 1901 - Make Public wan't work

    The issue definitely was the lack of CPU ID information.

    The data is intact in the submitted result file, so it's a database issue. I updated the database entry based on the result file and the result should start working at latest at next server reboot.

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    Re: PCMark 05 1901 - Make Public wan't work

    It works now:
    Thank you very much!

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