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    E3 2009 - Commentary From a PC Gamer

    E3 2009 is almost over. It is time for some commentary on what was shown (and not shown) and to declare the winner of the annual Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo press conference grudge match. Grab some popcorn!

    Full Story: http://www.yougamers.com/articles/24..._-_commentary/

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    Re: E3 2009 - Commentary From a PC Gamer

    My PC got me into gaming several years ago. I love FarCry, Crysis, Crysis Warhead and like a number of other PC games, as HAWK, Flight Simulator, FarCry 2. I recently bought a PS3 slim for $300. I've completed Uncharted on it, and I love Uncharted as much as any of my favorite PC games. I prefer the PS3 controller to keyboard-mouse. I doubt that I will continue PC gaming due to high costs of a good gaming PC.

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