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    How to paint strip anodized parts?

    Is it safe to use urethane thinner on a anodized aluminum part ? Basically i have a lianli case and managed to scratch the external front bottom base w/c is detachable, since ill be powder coating the inner part of the case so i thought ill just include this during the powder coating process

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    Re: How to paint strip anodized parts?

    I would say its not possible or very difficult, because the paint is inside the pores of the oxide layer:


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    Re: How to paint strip anodized parts?

    its perfectly fine to use thinners on anodized aluminium.
    i use acetone on anodised parts at work all the time and that stuff is nasty. if you are worried just test a little corner before doing the whole thing :)

    just out of interest, is it black or a clear anodise? usually if its black, its hard anodised which is much tougher.
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    Re: How to paint strip anodized parts?

    Its black, so i leave it overnight soaking with urethane thinner or something ?

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    Re: How to paint strip anodized parts?

    Oven cleaner works great. Sounds funny, but it does. Spray it on and leave it there for 15-45 minutes depending on how hard or thick the anodizing is.

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