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    Anyone have Netzero 4G?

    Their plans and pricing seem competitive for the lower end. Just pay $49 for a USB adapter or $99 for a hotspot and then you can have a tiered month-to-month data plan, no contract required.

    $10/month - 500MB
    $20/month - 1GB
    $35/month - 2GB
    $50/month - 4GB


    I'm going to be doing some traveling and hotel wifi costs about $10/day. Seems like I could just buy the hotspot and only buy the data when I'm traveling and that would be cheaper.

    The one thing I'm wondering is if the 4G areas will expand since this is Wimax and not LTE. How long will Wimax stick around now that Sprint has abandoned them?
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    Re: Anyone have Netzero 4G?

    Their speeds are horrendously slow, use a real carrier like Verizon or AT&T.

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