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    Sniper Elite v2

    Preview and console demo footage looking pretty good!


    Anyone else looking out for this one?

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    Re: Sniper Elite v2

    I am interested, but cautiously so. I'm not really sure a sniper game is something that in reality will be that great. Real snipers spend a lot of time doing nothing waiting for the right shot, but also I don't want it to be just COD with a sniper shot in every mission.
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    Re: Sniper Elite v2

    It looks like they might have got the balance right (I hope!), used to love more tactical shooters and don't get enough these days. No set date for PC demo yet though.

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    Re: Sniper Elite v2

    These game work or fail by the enemy AI.
    ie: after 1 shot they know exactly where you are and shoot perfectly at you
    After a shot i want to see panic and a search in my direction, not laser guided npc's rushing to my exact position.

    But after a quick glance over the article, the game will show you via a ghost image where the npc's think u are.

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